How To Choose The Right Picture

To create the very best portrait, we need to start with a good source material. As the portrait will hang on your wall for many years to come, it’s worth taking time to get the right photo for our artists to work from.

A good photo must be sharp in focus with clear facial details. As you can see from the close up of the eyes, when you zoom in on this photo, there’s plenty of detail there for the artist to work with.

While this may be a nice photo in itself, the image is simply too low resolution / fuzzy or small to use. When you zoom in on the face, there is no detail that the artist could really get hold of.

The more the merrier
If you are undecided as to which photo would make the best portrait, then send more than one, and let us help you decide – the more the merrier!

Picture formats
We can take photos in PRINT or DIGITAL format. Digital photos are great as long as they were taken on at a reasonably high resolution so we can zoom in and still see the detail.

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