Terms and Conditions

1. Upon receiving your picture, we will check its quality if its good enough for us to make a good illustration or design from or if its good enough for us to blow up to the desired size. We will email or call you to explain the reasons why we cannot use it, and ask for a new photo.

2. For ART IS ME, we will email you three (3) artwork studies to choose from. For PHOTO•2CANVAS and PHOTOQUILT, there is no preview option. If preview is requested, a corresponding fee will apply.

3. For ART IS ME, you will choose one (1) from among the three (3) artwork studies and you may request for one (1) revision of the chosen artwork study. Additional revisions shall be charged a corresponding revision fee and will also lead to an extension of the lead time.

4. The finished product will be available within 5 working days from the finalization of your choice of artwork study. Rush orders may be accommodated but will be subjected to an additional rush fee.

5. In the event that you cancel your order or request a change of image while the design process is already ongoing, a corresponding design fee will be charged.

6. No refunds will be granted in the event that you cancel your order while the design process is already ongoing.

7. Since you have ordered customized artworks, these cannot be exchanged or refunded.

8. All artworks and canvas prints cannot be returned for the following reasons:

a. Slight color variances between the image seen on screen, actual samples and the final product.
b. Variance due to the difference in the printing process used for canvas and that for paper and other media.

9. We reserve the right to use some of the art work or design created for you in our marketing activities, including but not limited to websites and brochures. If you do not wish your image to be used for such marketing activities, please indicate so herein in writing and we will honor your request.

10. Under the law, although the finished work that you ordered belongs to you, the copyright over the artwork is retained by us. For this reason, you can not reproduce or transform the said artwork without our express consent.

11. We reserve the right to reject any order you place with us that displays any offensive themes, such as drugs, sex crimes, excessive violence, et cetera.  If we reject your order, we will generally attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you gave us when you placed the order.

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